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What is "The Abbey"? More ...
The 'ORANGE DOOR' At The Abbey
The Orange Door at the Abbey represents the Artistic Groups and Events at the Abbey More ...
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 Upcoming Events 
Tuesday 23 September
7:00pmKingdom Builders @ Abbey Church Kitchen
Wednesday 24 September
7:00pmWednesday Nights at the Abbey @ Abbey Church
Saturday 27 September
8:00amMen's Breakfast Fellowship @ Abbey Church Kitchen
10:30amBurning Hearts @ Abbey Main Auditorium
Sunday 28 September
10:00amWorship @ Abbey Large Auditorium
10:30amArt As Worship @ The Abbey Church
10:30amSunday Morning Worship... @ The Abbey
 Recent Media Uploads 
Norman & Grace Barnes Farewell to America (download)
Norman and Grace Barnes, 9/21/2014
The Church, Armed & Dangerous 2 (download)
Pastor Paul Brownback, 9/14/2014
The Church, Armed & Dangerous (download)
Pastor Paul Brownback, 9/7/2014
Mercy Seat (download)
Pastor Paul Brownback, 8/31/2014
Church Vision-Build Up the Highway (download)
Pastor Paul Brownback, 8/24/2014
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Joe Brownback, 7/28/2010