Grades 6th - 12th

Our Story

As in our Abbey kids’ village, our Abbey Youth story also celebrates a long history of being destiny-based (NOT program or conformity driven). We believe that is why so many of the current church leaders (and young people who have moved on to be leaders in society elsewhere) have emerged from our youth community! Understanding that, like children, youth have far fewer mental (religious/legalistic) barriers to seeing the potential for God in all things, our youth focus has always narrowed the gap between God and the world outside the church, discussing all topics in the light of revelation and reality in an environment full of faith and discovery, rather than the fear and judgment that young people so often are tempted to associate with church!

On this foundation, our Abbey youth group today is alive and growing, cycling forward into the future as a “Psalms 42:7” youth group, where our deep places call out to the deep places in God, expressed through authentic and honest conversation that is married to the truth and life of the Gospel. We believe God is at work and play all around us and we are learning to focus on eyes in to see it.

Abbey Youth

The Abbey youth group is currently meeting on Monday evenings weekly at our Abbey Campus from 6:30PM to 8:00PM. Our time together is a mix of games, connection, a message and discussion of its application. If you would like to receive updates and reminders, please text “youth” to 817-238-1404 and we will include you in our communication system.